Physio Led Pilates Classes

Online classes

We currently run 6 classes a week with 6 different instructors. We offer live classes via Zoom and pre-recorded sessions via Vimeo enabling flexibility in class times. Please email us if you would like to join or for more information. If you are pregnant or suspect that you might be, or if you are currently experiencing an acute or severe episode of pain then our online classes are not suitable for you. You must  be able to get on and off the floor easily to take part and feel in control and steady whilst exercising. If you are new to our online classes please complete and submit our Online Class Health Screening Form.

Venue classes

We run venue group classes across Central Scotland and West Lothian. Our classes are generally sold in 8 week blocks (some may be of shorter duration, especially during COVID-19). Please check class dates when booking for occasional holiday dates. If you are new to classes, or haven’t attended within the last 6 months, please complete our Venue Class Health Screening Form.

We are running a very limited timetable to comply with current safety regulations during COVID-19.


During COVID-19 all venue class clients must complete a COVID-19 Health Screening Form 24 hours prior to attending a venue class. Until further notice we are unable to accept pregnancy clients into our classes.

Physio Led Pilates