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Physio Led Pilates What to expect

What to expect

  • Experienced Physiotherapist instructor with Pilates certification

  • Tuition and exercise modification to suit all abilities and individual  needs


  • Small class numbers


  • Variation of exercises and use of equipment


  • Warm up and cool down to enhance posture, functional strength, balance & flexibility


  • Mat based exercises to improve core strength and restore normal muscle balance


  • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere

Detailed pre-class information on what to expect when coming to class will be provided by your instructor during COVID-19. This may vary between venues.

If you are new to classes remember to submit a completed Online Health Screening Form or Venue Health Screening Form before attending any venue class.

What to bring

  • Please wear a face mask when entering and leaving the building, you will not need to wear a face covering during class


  • Your own mat, headblock or folded towel to use as a head rest, and a wipeable storage bag for personal belongings


  • Your own hand sanitiser is recommended, but these will also be provided at class


  • Your own spiky ball, theraband, and ova ball are recommended but not essential, home substitutes can also be brought


  • Comfortable clothing: most people like to wear a t-shirt or vest and joggy bottoms or leggings


  • No need to bring trainers as Pilates is a socks/ bare foot class


  • Limit the amount you bring to each session during COVID-19


  • Your instructor will advise on what to bring to your next class on a weekly basis

Physio Led Pilates
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